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  • In celebration of 5k followers I’ve put together a pack of all my favourite textures! :)
  • Note that none of these were made by me. I have named each texture with the source + which of their texture packs you can find it in.
  • 210 medium/large textures. (Most are 500+px width)
  • Please like/reblog if you download. :)
  • ZIP / RAR

Hi peeps! Just wanted to pop in to apologize for never posting here! Honestly, I would at least reblog stuff more often if there was anything on my dash to reblog. But despite refollowing a bunch of theme blogs, no one is really posting anything lately. :( Obviously I have stopped making themes myself. Permanently? I don’t know. Maybe not. I will if I ever become in the mood again!

Just wanted to apologize. Thank you for still following me!


t h e m e: ᴄʀᴀᴡʟ sᴘᴀᴄᴇ
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  • A sidebar + fixed header theme.
  • Images are 200px x 105px.
  • Up to 7 custom links.
  • Option for 250px, 400px or 500px posts.
  • Option for show captions.
  • Option for infinite scrolling.
  • Option for hover post info.
  • Option for monochrome posts.
  • Option for post image fade.
  • Option for update tab.
  • Webkit scrollbar.
  • Graphics credit: [ x ]

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Crepusular Light - Submitted by Sugaryrainbow


Click here to support Kristen Hottes, and daughters - by Robert Hottes


I found out earlier that this morning my babysitter as a child passed away—she is only seven years older than me. They’re assuming she stopped breathing in her sleep because she had sleep apnea, and she was found in bed without her breathing machine that she used at night. But none of this has yet been confirmed—though it seems likely.

She has two young daughters that have been taken in by her brother, who has five children of his own. This is to help support those kids—whom I feel terrible for right now because they’ve lost their young mother at such young ages.

I don’t know if anyone can or will help, but I thought I’d try to at least share.


playground: ( temp preview / static 1, 2 / pastebin / raw )

after a long hiatus, i am finally back with a new release! theme features include: 

  • Title + sub title text
  • Top bar with index/message/random/archive links
  • An extra (optional) content table
  • Four extra links
  • Optional Table titles


[‘for the team’ color palettes]

league color palettes

If there is a big problem, report it!

You might notice that I don’t have an ask box open for questions, and my personal blog states clearly on the message page that all theme questions will get deleted. While that’s true, there’s a big difference between asking me for help, and letting me know a theme code is messed up.

Remember, a theme being messed up means that you’re definitely installing it correctly. Most of the time, a theme will only be messed up and not working correctly because you didn’t install it right. Considering all of my themes have been tested and codes have not been altered at all, there’s no reason for them to work and then suddenly stop. But sometimes Pastebin and Tumblr like to be a butt, so you never know.

If you tell me POLITELY there is a problem, I will fix it, for sure. But coming to my ask box and saying “fuck you” is not going to get you anywhere. Tell me about a problem (that still exists with correct installation and no theme editing at all), and I will look into it and fix it. All you have to do is let me know. There’s no need to ever be an ass about it.

Just thought I’d let you all know. :) Thanks for using my themes!