Theme #5 Nautical


  • Multiple columns or Single Colums with all Posts Sizes
  • Optional Grayscale Images & Infinite Scroll
  • 10 Custom Links + Home/Ask/Archive Links
  • ALL colors are customisable
  • Font options for Titles and Content

Please check the live preview for a FULL detailed list of options!

I am so bad with creative names. I think maybe I went overboard with the optionssss. I hope everything works well! If it doesn’t please tell me so i can fix it ^_^ I know the preview is a bit simple but its very customisable and can look very different with a bit of creativeity!

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Theme #26: Naturalis
Temporary Live Preview | Static Preview | Install


  • 500/400px Posts
  • 200px wide Sidebar Image
  • 6 Custom Links + Page Links
  • Show/Hide Tags and Captions
  • Optional Billy Music Player

I’m back from my hiatus! For how long, I have no idea. This theme is a revamp of my Theme #04: Keiyakusha. 

Please leave the credit if you use this theme! Thanks, and feel free to ask any questions.


Since I don’t have much going on this weekend and need some sort of coding exercise before I resume my remaining commissions, I decided to make a free layout for you guys.

"Wild" - a free, fully coded DIV layout for your IMVU homepage

Live Preview (blue version shown) | Pastebin codes: [blue] [green] [pink]

All versions have the same features. They just have different colors.

When I moved blogs, I requested that people not unfollow me until I determined the move was final. Yet despite that, I still lost 3,000 followers. :( Hopefully they will come back to me!


On this post you find a simple pack of styles for photoshop.

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Respect our work - don’t steal, repost or claim as your own. Thank you!

→ Download: cl



download all files / all hail julia / birds of paradise / coneria script
dawning of a new day
 / janda stylish script / lavanderia / mad beef / mardian


Theme “L’impossible Est Possible” by blewintoaleaf

It contains tooltip, customized pagin (mine), customized post notes, side menu, description, customized ask (mine), 2 brand new dropdown menus (mine, btw - side and top ones), moz selection, a brand new network menu (mine either), top menu (mine) and 12 free links. Hope you like it as much as I do ♥

  • I know my codes; so, no point in you trying to claim as your own or modifying them.
  • I put several “unusable” codes within the coding of my themes that I make available, precisely to hinder people from stealing my codes.
  • This is an appearance theme
  • If you steal any part of this theme I’m not gonna think twice before reporting you!

Please, like this post if you intend to save it.

Here goes the live preview and you may get the codes here.


Static Preview + Code

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • any-sized sidebar picture, portrait orientation recommended
  • up to 8 custom links
  • all colors and font sizes are customizable
  • infinite scrolling option

you can edit the themes as much as you want as long as you keep the credit
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here

Manatopia has reopened!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken so long to set up something so simple, but you know, things tend to happen. :)

The blog is nothing special right now—it’s just using a theme by the talented imaginedragons because I still lack any sort of inspiration for new themes, including a theme for myself. So I edited the theme to fit my needs enough to display my posts.

If you click the III in the sidebar, you will get a pop-up of tags to find my themes, reblogged themes, and resources. For the record, there have been no added pages right now and some links may be dead. I have yet to do pages (like a complete list of resource tags), and I need to go through my tons of posts and fix tagging because…somehow along the way I managed to mess up on that stuff.

But anyways, you can now see my blog again, and I can reblog resources now! :D I’m so, so sorry about all the confusion I have caused over the last couple of months with moving and closing, but manatopia is back.